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If you want to learn more about playing music and/or the harmonica, you are in the right place!

Actually, my book will help you no matter what instrument you want to play, or even if you just want to understand music without playing an instrument, or prior to learning how to play one.

You may be wondering:

I explain this in detail in the Preface of my book (Click Learn More, below), but to summarize:

Over the past 30 years, I have attained a lot of musical knowledge and experience.

Later in my life, I taught college courses in computer programming, during which I found I have a natural ability to present complex information to people in a way that helps them understand it easily.

After I got married, had a family, and was building a career in software-engineering, I found I had little time for the musical instruments I had learned throughout my earlier life.

As a result, I decided to learn the harmonica, which I could take with me wherever I went, and could practice whenever I had free moments during my day.

Some additional benefits of my book:

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